About Müde

Imagine if your favorite candle to light while you cook dinner, your favorite pair of sweats to throw on after a long day of work, the softest blanket you snuggle up under for a movie night, your favorite piece of art on your walls... all came from the same place. Not only did it come from the same place, but everything shares an incredible aesthetic, and was handmade and designed by amazing artists at an affordable price. This concept alone is what began the fire under us to start Müde. Müde is an incredible online store, a source of inspiration with each featured collection for anyone interested in setting the Müde in their own homes, and a full design firm ready to design, style, and build out any space you have for us. Müde is the hub, the one stop shop, your new go-to place for all of your soon to be favorites!

Müde was created with three A's in mind, the first being Aesthetic. Finding great designs, whether it is home decor, lounge wear, or a multitude of everyday items with a specific aesthetic (or Müde we like to say) is always a struggle. When we shopped for items we loved there was a constant lack of key pieces that felt good, looked good, and of course were affordable. Our next focus is Affordable products that are hand made, luxurious, and don't sacrifice quality. "Luxury Home Goods" brands tend to be really expensive and they aren't always the best quality. Boutiques are very hit or miss and even up cycled thrifts cost a fortune. If it is affordable it either looks cheap or is mass produced and low quality. So here at Müde we began to wonder how we can create all of your new favorite products, with high quality materials, at an affordable price. With our final focus being Artistry we began searching for creative like minded artists whose trades, specialties, and all-around Müde matched ours. All of our artists are dedicated to producing the highest quality products, art, and designs.With talented artists sharing the same vision and aesthetic, we are always hands on creating incredible products we really feel like are a complete Müde.

If you yourself are interested in joining the Müde Collective please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We will never stop creating, expanding, and growing!